quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2016


Well, where to start? Maybe by the broken heart. Some part by other(s), the rest by me. I should start to figure out why I feel sad so many times. My life should be run by me, not by what goes around me. We are the ones that make our own faith. There is something good about knowing this, but it is odd that even so, we most of the times ignore this message and we're unhappy. The past is just that, past. We should learn quicker how to move on. From the bad memories, or either some good that are not coming back. Try to change our way, for a better path and more happy than it was until the present. If you need to forget some people that are not there anymore, please do it. Ask your heart to ill the pain and move forward. If you are not doing this, your brain will come back to you all the days, when you are alone and will not give value to the people that are still present. There is anything you would change in your life? Please do it! Be the best version of yourself and improve your life every single day. Even when if sometimes you're not strong enough, there is always something you can do today. xoxo

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(in)sanidade escrita

Bem vindo ao mundo das verdades e mentiras de Trice ;)
Não penses que depois de ler qualquer um dos textos da Patrícia a conheces seja um pouco que seja, ela é demasiado ocupada para pensar no que escreve e só escreve o que (pensa) que sente. Já aconteceu não sentir. Por isso é que o blog se apelida de #Verdades e mentiras do dia 0#