quinta-feira, 21 de julho de 2016


Well, where to start? Maybe by the broken heart. Some part by other(s), the rest by me. I should start to figure out why I feel sad so many times. My life should be run by me, not by what goes around me. We are the ones that make our own faith. There is something good about knowing this, but it is odd that even so, we most of the times ignore this message and we're unhappy. The past is just that, past. We should learn quicker how to move on. From the bad memories, or either some good that are not coming back. Try to change our way, for a better path and more happy than it was until the present. If you need to forget some people that are not there anymore, please do it. Ask your heart to ill the pain and move forward. If you are not doing this, your brain will come back to you all the days, when you are alone and will not give value to the people that are still present. There is anything you would change in your life? Please do it! Be the best version of yourself and improve your life every single day. Even when if sometimes you're not strong enough, there is always something you can do today. xoxo

quinta-feira, 9 de junho de 2016

My better half

Yesterday I've meet the most truly couple I ever seen. They were very young, though. When he presented the beautiful girl he just said "my better half". I found it so lovely, that I almost wish that someday, someone, will call me his better half. It was magic you see? That girl's eyes were like sparkle water, if you look closely you will see it always shinning. And that's when it got me. One day I would like to move in. To this green island, Ireland. Where you see more joy than ever, but similar to Portugal at the same time. Well, I know your weather is not like this and most time of the year is cold and rainy, but I like it here. I like the music, I like the freckles, I like the white skin, the ginger and blonds, the blue and green eyes. I like the pubs, the magic way you feel in love with each wall. The way Irish accent makes me dance with the tongue. It was quite an adventure that is almost finishing. And what about giving value to small details? Well, that's what I love the most about Irish! Going next to the river and sitting down, or either just relax at the gardening are just some things that "costs a cent" like they say. "Ireland, give me my Better Half".

quinta-feira, 31 de março de 2016

Ex of my life

So, when do we start believing in love? And the first time you stop believing? Mine, was somewhere in the past year. We always think that it's a stage, that we are going to be better and we will feal in love again soon. That's a lie, I am sorry. It will be terrible, specially if the last time you kissed the person you though would be the one, was less than one year ago. You will try to get better, but no matter what, every memory will be coming up in once. You will try to date someone else, and eventually you will hurt some guy that will not understand how can you treat him like that. You do not love that person, that's why you are not as good as you were before for the "EX of your life". Yes, I am calling that person the "Ex of my life". He will be the reason that I know that it's possible someone to cheat you and still lay down with you and live with you. He will be always a way of understanding what you do not want for your future. Either way, I am still not good, of course not, because every moment can downgrade the stage that I though I've already accomplished. And me? I am back to stage 1. I will invest my time in the person I've renegate the most: myself. So, I will always thank you, "Ex of my life", for being a good bad example of how to be miserable after 5 years of dating. The example of all my tears when I found out, or even when we come back together after some months and start dating again. Or either anyday of my depressed situation. I will always know that I loved you but that some feelings are not quite enough. xoxo

(in)sanidade escrita

Bem vindo ao mundo das verdades e mentiras de Trice ;)
Não penses que depois de ler qualquer um dos textos da Patrícia a conheces seja um pouco que seja, ela é demasiado ocupada para pensar no que escreve e só escreve o que (pensa) que sente. Já aconteceu não sentir. Por isso é que o blog se apelida de #Verdades e mentiras do dia 0#